Dear Colleagues,

WAVES at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy and the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy are pleased to welcome you in the IX. Symposium on Wild fauna.

It has been only 10 years since Slovakia organized the V.th Sympsium on wild fauna in Tatranská Lomnica, but during this period of time many species of animals became endangered.

That´s the reason why we need to pay even more attention to the protection of wildlife health. Climate change influence significantly the expansion and seasonal activity of vectors, the overpopulation of small rodents, and the survival of pathogens in the external environmen, having thus direct negative effect to the health of animals. These abiotic factors are largely accompanied by biotic (anthropogenic) ones that are directly involved in the adverse bias on game and wildlife. Human pressure on the country caused by the intensification of agriculture, air pollutants from industrial activities, and the bloom of urbanization, transport, impassive inerventions in the landscape and many other impacts cause rapid decline of several free living animal species.

Nature has ceased to provide conditions for the reproduction and survival of the game, decreasing thus its population.

These are the reasons why the role of all of us is to conduce to the improvement of the environment and thereby enhance the health of wildlife in order to preserve for future generations original gene pool game in suoerior landscape environment.

In this scenario, for main themes were sellected fot the Symposium:

1. Pathology and diseases control of wildlife animals
2. Breeding of Game animals
3. Ecology and veterinary aspect of endangered European fauna
4. Management and protected atreas towards Europe 2020

I believe that our symposium will stimulate our foreknowledge in fruitful discussions and I hope that you will find new contacts for collaboration and friendship.

prof. Valéria Letková, DVM., PhD.
President of WAVES at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice